How Many Facilities Have we Built?

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Neutopia is a Vast Network of Solutions Providers!

Neutopia has established relationships with development partners and formed alliance with the industry leading technology providers who have already designed and built 100’s of renewable energy projects in North America and around the world. It’s important for us to only partner with leading engineering and construction firms who are top in their respective specialties, this ensures we are investing in well established cleantech companies with proven systems backed by performance guarantees.

Multiple companies throughout North America and around the world have been in highly confidential meetings with Neutopia to incorporate their technology at our sites. We have established relationships with the companies that passed our due diligence review, are bankable and which share our community benefit philosophy.

It should be noted that if any of our development partners, clients or a community has a preference for a particular technology over one that we recommend, we are not exclusive with any one technology provider and could easily integrate a technology of their choice.

Whether it’s for small residential projects or large utility scale projects for entire communities we have aligned ourselves with global leaders: Please click here for more details.

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Biofuels
    • Geo-thermal
    • Biomass conversion
    • Wood Pellets / Briquets
    • Waste-to-Energy
    • Cogeneration
    • Clean Water
    • And more!

More importantly, with regards to our ecoPARK projects we have recruited the number one company in North America for materials recovery facilities and are able to complement that with various manufacturers for adding different components at the ecoPARK that may be required for specific feedstock streams.

No other company has designed and built more waste management / recycling / biogas production facilities than the team that Neutopia will be bringing.

We have also established direct relationships with dozens of manufacturers for the major components that would be integrated into these facilities including:

  • Process equipment for MSW, ICI, C&D, Mining Waste, Hospital waste, Agri-waste, Hazardous Chemical Waste
  • Sorting and separating technologies for glass, metals, plastics, organics
  • Grinders, shredders, compactors and conveying systems
  • Thermal conversion systems including biomass boilers, RDF conversion systems, pyrolysis, gasification, plasma, steam reformation, microwave systems etc.
  • Landfill gas capture, clean-up and power generation
  • Wastewater treatment, biosolids processing & conversion to clean energy
  • Algae systems
  • Greenhouses (food, fish, energy!)

Our projects will surely attract the interest from local farms and the general community for our ability to process their waste at the same site, including the recycling/repurposing of hazardous wastes if they are currently land-filling such materials and there’s a request for such a system in the community.

While such wastes are currently disposed of in manners that must meet certain government established standards and regulations, if there’s a residential neighbourhood near a landfill they usually do not want such materials buried close by as they have to live, eat and breathe in that local environment. We would be happy to provide recommendations and assist you with your needs.


We’ve identified a prime development site in Ontario; there is plenty of land space available for a Neutopia ecoPARK to be developed right at the landfill, simplifying the permitting and environmental requirements

Our plans will also include a variety of additional systems & technologies such as biochar production for use as a soil amendment, greenhouses for growing food, biofuels and nutraceuticals, waste heat recovery systems (technology that is currently being evaluated by Sustainable Development Technology Canada), small-scale wind turbines (depending on community desire) and a solar farm to complement the revenue per acre.


Neutopia ecoPARKS will be aesthetically pleasing & blend well with the local infrastructure as our technology partners have already built 100’s of such projects, like this one which houses a waste-to-energy system.

We remind communities that technology manufacturers are merely selling a product; Neutopia can use that technology to convert a community’s very own waste into programs to benefit the community. We want to be the number one choice for Green Community Partnerships and we believe our Social Benefit business model is a game-changer for the industry!

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