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Neutopia has Immediate Solutions offering a Multitude of Benefits

Building Owners- Lower Energy Costs Immediately by 20%-50%!

Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in most countries; Neutopia has an extensive portfolio of solutions to lower your costs immediately!

  • Generate a renewable income by selling power to the electrical grid with solar or small rooftop wind power systems like other building owners are already doing!
  • Reduce energy costs by implementing energy savings strategies
  • Reduce energy costs by installing energy efficient technologies; for example you can immediately reduce or completely eliminate your heating and cooling costs with geo-thermal solutions!
  • Reduce maintenance costs by integrating more efficient equipment

Co-ops, Community Projects, Non-profits and Charities

Partnering with Neutopia has Unique Financial, Community and Social Benefits…why would anyone invest their project development dollars anywhere else?!

Partnering with Neutopia not only lowers the cost of your energy projects, it could enable your project to qualify for 100% tax breaks because of our unique Social Benefit business model! This also has the potential to change the face of how charities develop community projects!

We are NOT exclusive with any particular technology providers or EPC firms so we can issue an RFP directly to all manufacturers to assess all of the best offers!

Recruiting Neutopia for ecoPARK projects can also qualify as an equity investment in the project and automatically establishes a Neutopia branch in the community, and where it’s not permitted for certain municipalities that equity stake can be re-allocated to various community groups!

Partnering with Neutopia has Unique Community and Social Benefits

  • As soon as you partner with Neutopia we ask you to form a Neutopia Partnership Program community advisory committee, and with the help of this community voice we are able to determine a short list of projects and/or ideas on how best to use our revenue from our projects to re-invest in YOUR community.
  • Neutopia’s Company Mandate is to use our revenue to help empower our communities: re-invest our revenue to develop community projects that will in-turn assist with employment, skills training, shelters, food banks, scholarships, sports programs etc.
  • Part of Neutopia’s revenue will be devoted to helping communities and/or specific clients most in need of support by integrating solutions from our portfolio of technologies to help them become more efficient: the gift that keeps on giving (for example: give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish…)
  • Part of Neutopia’s revenue will be devoted for humanitarian aid projects of immediate importance such as meeting urgent healthcare needs, clean water projects, nutrition, preventative medicine campaigns, education etc. We will work directly with our partners to understand their most pressing needs and projects of greatest long-term socio-economic benefit.
  • Creation of a Youth Attraction and Inspiration Campaign: exciting out-reach missions to attract youth to work with Neutopia on projects to help our communities to become self-reliant through energy independence! (We will develop paid internships to work with Neutopia to help distant communities via a Neutopia Leadership Grant Program.)

The benefits go far beyond a single community, as our goal is to create an alliance of communities that can benefit from each other in a harmonious way. The synergistic regional benefits of a Neutopia Community ecoPARK are also significant:

  • Synergistic Agribusiness & Forestry Opportunities
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Awareness Throughout the Entire Region
  • Green Building Infrastructure (and On-site Training Centre for regional projects)
  • Sustainable Regional Economic Development
  • Environmental & Social Health Benefits by Reducing Regional use of Fossil Fuels
  • Improved Waste Management With Next-Gen Recycling & Resource Recovery
  • Youth Retention, Training and Age-independent Employment Stimulation
  • Social Innovation: Converting Community Problems into Social Solutions

Buying from Neutopia

For Landowners or other project developers (including co-ops, charities and community groups!)

Neutopia is the world’s first Social Benefit project development company. Clients/partners need to understand that there are always two pricing strategies for any type of product on the market; a price for general clients and a price for distribution companies who sell to consumers. Distribution companies get better discounts because they are bringing additional clients to a product manufacturer. Neutopia’s innovative business model has created an entirely new category that lowers the cost even more.

This can benefit you as a client/partner in several ways:

  • Lower Project Costs:we spent 3 years meeting with various manufacturing companies and establishing preferred pricing from technology providers and forming alliances all over the world so we do not need to purchase from distribution companies or engineering firms who have marked up the price of the equipment as per the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

    In fact, when you partner with us we will show you the quotes from all of the suppliers to ensure you are receiving the best price, even when it means Neutopia may earn lower revenue. THAT’s a testament to our true community benefit model!

  • Neutopia Helps the Community:Neutopia earns revenue between our preferred price and the MSRP (for equipment sales) and re-invests 80-100% of our revenue right back into the community on projects YOU want us to support. We will work closely with you (and your town council if you wish) to determine how best to use our money to help your community.

    This is possible because we are developing our own energy projects that generate a sustainable income to support our business, and this enables us to offer these huge discounts and opportunities to others so we can fast-track a global change to embracing renewable energy technologies.

  • The Neutopia Difference:a customer can purchase a system from a regular EPC firm or distributor/installation company HOWEVER Neutopia can match that price (or provide a lower price) while still generating revenue. The difference is what happens to that revenue from project development: Neutopia is the only company in the world that is re-investing 80-100% of our revenue for community projects! This has the potential to affect other markets, from electronics equipment to telecommunications to transportation. It’s the evolution of capitalism, and Neutopia’s energy initiatives are just the beginning.
  • Social Responsibility:Neutopia exists to empower communities. Our social benefit business model serves to ensure revenue from energy and development projects is re-invested into our communities rather than leave when the development company is completed their work. This can help your image in the community.

    Whether you are a private landowner who has partnered with Neutopia or you are a corporation, a co-op or a community group, knowing that our revenue is going to be re-invested into your very community makes your project an even greater community project because of all of the additional benefits to the community from Neutopia. This can last for decades, especially when it’s not just a sale but an entire Neutopia partnership project!

  • 100% Tax Breaks:Neutopia’s unique Social Benefit business model enables our customers to become members of our Green Community Partnership Program™ and be rewarded with Neutopia’s industry changing 100% tax write-off for our energy projects! (This option is only for members of the Neutopia Green Community Partnership Program™; it is not possible if you are developing a project on your own.)

Neutopia is the only company in the world that is re-investing 80-100% of revenue for community aid! This has the potential to affect other markets, from electronics equipment and clothing to telecommunications and transportation.

This is the evolution of capitalism, and Neutopia’s energy initiatives are just the beginning…

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