Neutopia’s $250 Million Green Pipeline

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Neutopia is recruited by towns to develop our Neutopia Community ecoPARKs and Community Green Plans to help the whole town ‘go green’.  We have established alliances with leading technology providers and have created a diverse portfolio of solutions for communities.

Our fully-integrated community eco-PARKs will produce electricity from renewable resources, biofuels, and chemicals for bio-based products from renewable resources, and will be complimented with a diverse portfolio of solar, wind, geo-x, and hydro technologies wherever possible.

We have also been approached for large-scale agricultural projects for purpose-grown crops for biomass cogeneration, as well as landfill diversion projects to convert organic waste into other useable forms of energy.  All of these projects have municipal support by way of formal MOU’s, land with grid capacity, and they will improve the environmental and economic health of our communities.

Neutopia is attracting interest around the world from partners and towns with the following key assets:

  • Large tracts of land with grid availability
  • Pool of talented and skilled workers
  • Large volumes of organic waste, agriculture and/or forestry material as feedstock
  • Building owners desiring to retrofit their property into Green Buildings to become more energy efficient or sell power to the electrical grid
  • Industrial partners desiring to convert a waste product liability into a cash flow stream

250 million green pipeline

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