A Unique Multi-disciplinary Approach

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Multi-disciplinary approachNot every client or community has the same problem, but they all have the same type of problem; primarily energy and waste management.

Neutopia has created a unique business model which includes an unprecedented network of technology providers and project scouts ready to initiate our projects.

When hired by an individual client or by a town, our multi-disciplinary team of experts is put to work. This team is composed of renewable energy experts, environmental scientists, engineers, biologists, green building specialists, grant writers, even government relations and Aboriginal advisors.

When Neutopia is recruited, our multi-disciplinary team of experts arrives. We first conduct a Community Assessment based on our 30-point Action Plan over a period of several months. We then present our Public Awareness Seminar, an awe-inspiring multimedia show, to attract interest throughout the community.

Putting the Business Model to the Test: Neutopia’s First Project Advisory Team

We had more than 30 advisors assist on our first Neutopia Green Community Partnership Project, which was at the most northern region of the highway 11 corridor. We conducted the community assessment over a period of several months and created a Project Advisory team based on the requirements of that particular ecoPARK plan for that particular community, which included a high profile mining company that required a solution from Neutopia to provide up to 300 MWe of power.

The process included dozens of conference calls with our technology advisors, meetings and interviews with representatives from multiple governmental offices and key stakeholders such as OMAFRA, MNR, MNDMF, OPA, REFO, First Nations, Hydro One, TCPL, and a host of municipal officials for City Planning, Waste Management, Public Works, Economic Development, etc. and also the evaluation of potential development sites and infrastructure upgrades for the electricity grid & natural gas lines.

Knowing who to call is one part of the equation, but knowing which questions to ask based on the requirements of a particular technological solution is one of the key competitive advantages of Neutopia. We were able to organize and plan an entire Green Community Plan and a Green Mining ecoPARK resulting in a 188 page report “Neutopia Reveals Plans for $450 million ecoPARK to Support the Development of Ontario’s Ring of Fire Mining Activities”.

This report is now in the hands of the Municipal Council and we are waiting eagerly for the announcement from the mining company if they’re going to pursue developing their manufacturing facility in the region, if not then our proposal can still be developed on a smaller scale if the Municipal officials want us to proceed.

This feat was accomplished in a few months, something that would otherwise have taken a general municipal economic development office more than a year to complete including the high cost associated with hiring various consultants and issuing public requests for proposals and quotes. We have now proven the effectiveness of a simple but intricate system that we are able to duplicate for communities right across North America.

2 Public Awareness Seminars were also presented to attract interest. Dozens of members of the community attended the 2-hour multi-media presentations and resulted in more than $35 million in Green Building and Renewable Energy projects. This includes projects that we have already been contacted for as well as new projects that we are now preparing project proposals for.
Project advisory team

The opportunities in the Municipality are tremendous as it is in the heart of Ontario’s richest sources of under-utilized natural resources and vacant land and could lead to significant economic development.

We’ve already been approached by building owners who are interested in Green Building projects and rooftop solar, land owners who own property for wind and small ecoPARK projects with greenhouses, and the co-owner of a wood mill who wants to re-open the mill by integrating an ecoPARK on the property to enhance the investment opportunity. Neutopia has so many opportunities to pursue, we need more feet on the ground every time we make a public announcement!

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