The Neutopia Difference

Neutopia Raises the Bar on Corporate Social Responsibility!

Neutopia is ushering in a new era of what it means to be a true community project. We have created a new standard of Corporate Social Responsibility by uniting community & environmental initiatives with true benevolence.

Essentially, we assessed how community groups traditionally develop projects for the benefit of the community and we also analyzed the business models of co-ops, not-for-profits and charities.

These groups are all limited by several key factors primarily with regards to business development costs, financial rewards, and community benefit.

Neutopia is a meticulously designed integration of a multitude of social benefit factors and we have united all of the best attributes of traditional co-ops, non-profits and charities while creating an even better type of company; the world’s first Social Benefit Project Development Company.

Our unique business model significantly enhances the community benefit aspect via a triple bottom line reward: financial, environmental, and social. By partnering with Neutopia on community projects it can result in much greater benefits to the community as a whole!

Traditional Community Groups/Co-Ops/Not-for-Profits/Charities


A Different Purpose: The primary purpose of co-operatives and credit unions is to meet the common needs of their members, whereas the primary purpose of most investor-owned businesses is to maximize profit for shareholders.

A Different Control Structure: Co-operatives and credit unions use the one-member/one-vote system, not the one-vote-per-share system used by most businesses. This helps the co-operative or credit union serve the common need rather than the individual need, and is a way to ensure that people, not capital, control the organization.

A Different Allocation of Profit: Co-operatives and credit unions share profits among their member-owners on the basis of how much they use the co-op, not on how many shares they hold. Co-operatives and credit unions also tend to invest their profits in improving service to members and promoting the well-being of their communities.

Co-ops require members to pay membership fees and their project is meant to serve the benefit of its members (as the co-op/credit union shareholders) while Neutopia’s mandate is to benefit the community as a whole (without charging membership fees).

Charities on the other hand require people to give them money so they can then use that money to develop various projects. By partnering with Neutopia to develop the project it will ensure that revenues from project development are re-invested into the community to make that community even stronger.

This means that a development project (anything from changing the windows in a church to developing a solar/wind co-op or even a water filtration project to help a village somewhere) having Neutopia as a partner can result in even greater associated or ‘spin-off’ benefits to the community in a wide range of areas including reduced energy costs, energy independence, food, education, medicine, support for senior care, shelter etc…

Neutopia Re-invests Revenues Right Back into Your Community!

As the world’s first Social Benefit Project Development Company we are able to re-invest 80-100% of our revenues right back into the community!

We can do this because firstly we don’t have the same overhead that most project development companies have and secondly because we are also developing our own projects which helps make the whole Neutopia business model self-sustainable. Our mandate is to use revenues from energy & infrastructure projects to help make our world a better place, regardless of membership or location.

This is the evolution of capitalism…
the world’s first altruistic development company for the ultimate benefit of community development.

It’s important to know that we don’t decide alone on how or where our revenues are re-invested in your community; each Neutopia branch in each community will establish an elected board of advisors and we will work closely with you to decide where to devote our investment dollars for community enhancement projects. Furthermore, this transparent democratic process can have even greater community benefits in that it can eliminate corruption in the development of energy and infrastructure projects around the world.

We know our business model is unique and has the potential to effect great change in the world.

Like viral marketing it has the potential to sweep across the world to create Neutopia branches in even the most remote locations.

This would not be possible without the Internet and we hope the success of companies like Facebook and Twitter can help us spread the word.