Social Leadership in Research and Business Monieson Ideas Seminar

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The Monieson CentreThe Monieson Centre, in conjunction with Queen’s Office of the Vice Principal (Research) and the Office of Research Services, will be bringing together academics, business leaders and members of the community for mutual benefit and to promote innovation. Neutopia has been invited to be a panelist in the “Social Leadership in Research and Business” theme, which will focus on how social leadership can play a significant role in personal and community development. This seminar looks at innovative practices and technologies that can enhance the social and economic fabric of communities.

Neutopia has created a revolutionary Social Profit business model that harnesses underutilized resources in a community and converts them into community aid, benefiting the social and economic infrastructure while creating clean energy and long-term synergistic business opportunities throughout the neighbouring regions.

The Monieson Centre, Queen’s School of Business brings leading academic research to business, government, and community audiences to create value through knowledge. The Centre focuses on research related to the knowledge economy – how to harness the expertise of individuals, organizations and communities to create knowledge capital. Neutopia will be explaining the significance of an innovative Social Profit business model in streamlining renewable energy development projects to stimulate economic and social development.

Dr. Tina Dacin, Queen’s School of Business
Dr. Tim Bryant, Dept Mech/Matl Eng, Queen’s University
Dr. Malcolm Peat, International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation
Mr. Robert Laporte, President and CEO, Neutopia ecoSolutions Inc.

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