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Neutopia is the most diversified cleantech company in the world. We are a global network of Project Developers and Engineering Firms specializing in Sustainable Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Waste Management.  Call us today to set up an appointment and we will present a multitude of case studies highlighting how some communities and building owners have integrated various technologies, energy management software, efficiency retrofits or renewable energy systems to drastically cut energy costs, reduce their carbon footprints or even create new revenue streams.

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Neutopia has launched an International Green Building Initiative to streamline the adoption of technologies to create the greenest energy-smart buildings and LEAN Communities and will devote its profits to Community Improvement Plans; Neutopia is the world’s first ‘pay-it-forward energy and infrastructure company!

Over 10,000 companies offer energy audits, efficiency technologies, bulk energy pricing programs and Green Power, but there’s only one company in the world that combines Energy Efficiency with Community Empowerment and Social Benevolence: Neutopia!

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Neutopia Can Also Help LEED Certified Buildings Uncover Additional Savings

Audacious statement? Maybe so. But we have the proven technologies and the brightest cleantech minds in the world to back it up. We are capable of providing what may be the most diverse suite of ecoSOLUTIONS in the world to Reduce BOTH Peak Demand (kW) and Energy Use (kWh) from utility bills!  Challenge us with your building. Put Neutopia inside and let us find you some lost revenue, and then we will use our own profits to help people who are suffering. You have nothing to lose, and the people we want to help have everything to gain. We can bring hope. We can change lives. We can improve life. Simply by transforming sustainability problems into social solutions.

Your part is simple; open your door. Let us do the rest.


Our Total Green Buildings Solution Program includes custom solutions at the Residential level, Institutional, Retail-Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and innovative solutions to develop entire energy-smart communities that harness the latest in cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency and effective waste management/conversion systems.  Remote and off-grid sites can probably benefit the most!  We can still partner with you even if you have already signed a contract with an engineering firm because no company has all of the technologies that we are promoting; think of us as the icing on the cake and in many cases your partnership with Neutopia may be the greatest solution of all because with Neutopia’s Total Building Solutions Program our integrated solution option is much greater than the sum of its parts!

Our mission begins with the phased development at strategic locations, bringing a diverse portfolio of leading ‘green’ technologies and reaching out to industries and communities that are ready to embrace this revolution. We take great pride in living harmoniously with nature, and Neutopia is prepared to integrate our eco-solutions into high priority regions to benefit communities in need of economic stimulation, new businesses, youth retention and job creation, renewable energy and efficiency technologies. It is our strong belief that our unique Social Benefit business model will simplify the road to energy independence and empower communities around the world. We are proving this with our first project proposals in Ontario, Canada, where if the OPA approves our projects it could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars devoted to help ease suffering and promote community health…every year!

Neutopia Difference

Elementary green building plans start at the Basic level. Neutopia helps these clients get to the next level where the bigger energy savings can be found. Moreover, Neutopia’s incentives are far greater than any utility company’s rebate program in North America…showing that we truly are at the forefront of energy efficiency and we will constantly strive to maintain our position as the most advanced Cleantech company in the world.


*We are even seeking buildings that are already ‘green’, as Neutopia’s program can uncover additional savings where traditional energy audits fail simply because some technologies are not widespread yet or do not have mass distribution agreements in place. Neutopia may be the most advanced solutions provider in the world, and our Green Partnership Program Money-back Guarantee ensures it’s a risk-free alliance!

A Unique Multidisciplinary Approach

Not every client or community has the same problem, but they all have the same type of problem; primarily energy and waste management.  Neutopia has created a unique business model which includes an unprecedented network of technology providers and project scouts ready to initiate our projects. When hired by an individual client or by a town, our multidisciplinary team of experts is put to work. This team is composed of renewable energy experts, environmental scientists, engineers, biologists, green building specialists, grant advisors, even government relations and Aboriginal advisors (our 7 solar farm applications to the Ontario Power Authority included 51% Aboriginal ownership).Neutopia bubbles


“When Neutopia is recruited, our multi-disciplinary team of experts arrives. We first conduct a Community Assessment based on our 30-point Swarm Project Development™ Action Plan over a period of several months. We also present our Public Awareness Seminars; awe-inspiring multimedia shows to attract interest and participation throughout the entire community.” 

The world is moving toward a clean energy future with global renewable energy investments reaching new heights in 2012 and will continue growing as communities are adopting clean fuel and sustainable energy initiatives, chemical production from renewable resources and effective waste management policies. In fact, annual investment in new renewable power capacity worldwide is set to grow over four fold between 2013 and 2030, according to new research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The most probable scenario showed investments in renewable energy skyrocketing by 230 percent to $630 billion per year by 2030, driven by improvements in the cost-competitiveness of wind and solar technologies, along with developments in hydro, geothermal and biomass conversion. Also, the market for Sustainable Building materials and energy efficiency technologies are expected to more than double from $116 billion in 2012 to $254 billion per year by 2020.

 “Neutopia was created to identify the barriers and create enablers, essentially to help communities and industrial partners to develop Lean/Green [Community / Corporate] Social Responsibility Plans via our unique Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community business model with the right incentives and financial support that will streamline these initiatives while stimulating local economic development.”


World’s Most Diversified Solutions Provider

Our portfolio comprises a full suite of Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Solutions from evaluating 100’s of technologies, enabling us to offer custom solutions for homes, high rises and resorts to schools, hospitals, large industrial sites and Off-Grid for remote areas.  Not only are we capable of providing what may be the most diverse suite of ecoSOLUTIONS in the world to Reduce BOTH Peak Demand (kW) and Energy Use (kWh) from utility bills, Neutopia is the world’s first Social Benefit Project Development Company of its kind; 80% – 100% of our profits will be devoted to community enhancement projects. We are not a charity; charity groups raise money by asking for donations and then hiring a project developer, while Neutopia is a project developer that will be using its own revenue to re-invest in the development of community improvement projects and/or humanitarian aid initiatives at home and around the world!

 Why do Communities Keep Re-inventing the Wheel?

We are not a consulting firm that simply writes reports; there have been enough reports sponsored by communities all over the world that end up collecting dust because many of these communities do not have the capacity to transfer that knowledge into a business attraction action plan.  Failure lies not in the knowledge of a solution but in the execution of it and that’s why we created a simple system to streamline the entire process enabling us to achieve in a few months what could take a town more than a year of studies and reports on their own to accomplish.

Uniting the Community

One of the key steps in the Neutopia LEAN Community Partnership Program™ is to hold our proprietary Sustainable Community Public Awareness Seminar.  This is an awe-inspiring two-hour odyssey into the realm of cleantech and success stories from around the world, complete with pictures, videos and exciting guest speakers. We introduce the reason why we were recruited to the Municipality, what we are planning, and how the community can get involved with their own green energy projects, without requiring their capital investment!

Neutopia’s International Green Building Initiative comes at a perfect time as new building codes come into effect around the world, requiring an unprecedented energy efficiency rating for new buildings and upgrades to existing facilities. Neutopia understands that the benefits of going green and incorporating energy efficiency savings into buildings can be a confusing and long process for building owners and facility managers, taking up significant time, resources, and especially financing to undertake such an initiative.


“We saw this as an opportunity to create our own niche market where we don’t simply write reports with recommendations, but rather we form partnerships with building owners so we can uncover additional savings. Then we use our profits to help people who are suffering in their community or in another country.  This Social Benefit business model raises the bar on Community/Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, while the client benefits economically.  Moreover, our Green Energy Financing Network means our clients don’t even have to use their own operational budgets and can opt to either pay off their projects over 15 – 20 years or they can simply allow us to install the technologies at our own cost and pay them monthly royalties on the savings!  It’s a game-changing business model that is attracting international interest.”  -Robert W. Laporte, CEO Neutopia, speaking at the International Vertical Cities Conference in Seoul, South Korea

 Joining Neutopia could be one of the greatest decisions of your life.  This is especially true when you are able to see on your mobile phone exactly how our partnership is helping people in your community, and improving lives around the world.

Join the Program

It is our time to lead by example how we can transform community and industrial problems into social solutions; by creating a Social Benefit company that harnesses our resources and devotes the profits to making our communities stronger.  This program could improve millions of lives around the world, and we are hopeful you will be interested in developing a relationship with Neutopia and welcoming us as your Social Benefit Green Project Partners today.  We believe we really can change the world…one LEAN Community at a time.

We are now accepting Letters of Interest to join our program and setting up our project schedule for 2013 and 2014.  We welcome your interest and request for further information.

Call us today for an initial conference call and we can custom design a slideshow with case studies best suited to your needs.


We are now accepting Letters of Interest to join our program and setting up our project schedule.  We welcome your interest and request for further information.