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The Neutopia international LEAN Community initiative will enable us to truly unlock human potential in communities around the world.

In many cases Scholarship Logo2poverty and human suffering are a result of a broken community system. Neutopia ecoPARKS and Green Building Programs can empower communities and bring hope for a better future. The business model enables communities to become stronger from within, based on sustainable economic development and building on locally inspired micro-economies. We know the solutions to many of the world’s problems already exist and it’s our time to lead by example and help lead these communities to greater independence via self-empowerment.

Social media is an explosive marketing tool that Neutopia is using to start recruiting Neutopia Ambassadors in cities all over the world. We have the innovative ideas, and we have already created the blueprint on how it can be done.


The world is full of like-minded people who all want to make a difference in their communities.KristinLarryRobertEden2

Neutopia has created a disruptive business model that puts the power of change into the lay person.

You don’t have to be a scientist or political activist to change the world; you simply need to have the desire and the will power.

Neutopia is actively recruiting and training new project managers and project scouts around the world. Do you know anyone looking for a career change? We are ready to start training new teams of Neutopia Ambassadors in your community; they will be trained in eco-consulting and identifying green project opportunities to help homes and businesses ‘go green’.  Part of our Green Development Network, Neutopia Ambassadors will be helping homes and businesses to reduce energy & water costs, implement building efficiency technologies, renewable energy systems, landfill diversion technologies, access savings with bulk electricity or gas pricing, or helping to design Community ecoPARKS to help entire communities go green…without having building owners or communities to invest their own development capital!

Neutopia Launches World’s First Million Dollar International Green Scholarship Program!

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As a Neutopia Ambassador you can participate in eco-projects with Neutopia’s Green Development Network which includes an award-winning team of experts led by Renewable Energy project developers and LEED certified Energy Efficiency & Green Building specialists, preparing green project proposals and earning great money while also accumulating ‘Neu-Change’; Neutopia credits for international travel to work on Neutopia projects in countries of your choice!

The easy-to-use project templates are available so virtually anybody can have access to the questionnaires and become a Neutopia Scout. Once filled out and submitted online for review by a Neutopia Project Manager, approval can be almost immediate. This sets off the Neutopia Project Development Protocol and our international team of experts takes care of the rest. We are now more than 100,000 strong and able to meet the demand of thousands of Ambassadors, who can generate lucrative revenues simply by providing sales leads and/or by participating in the project planning and development process.

A Neutopia Ambassador can easily be trained in any city that has energy or waste problems because we have solutions for just about every type of community, agricultural, commercial, institutional or industrial problem. With over 80,000 km traveled across North America and South-east Asia we have yet to come across a town that cannot house a Neutopia ecoPARK or ecoCENTER.

The world is changing. Neutopia is ready to make a positive difference… one community at a time.

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