New Revenue Streams for the Forestry Sector

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Robert Laporte with Michael Gravelle

Robert Laporte with the Honourable Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development

One exciting factor to consider is that the ecoPARKS would also offer the wood mills in the area a new revenue stream that would also satisfy financing for re-start up since the ecoPARK could become their biggest partners. This is something that has excited our financial network and our partner companies. The whole concept of an integrated ecoPARK is new to most people who aren’t involved in the energy sector or simply focused on one technology.

Basically, if a biomass processing plant was built on its own it would be difficult to be economical. If it’s built adjacent a wood mill then it’s more economical. Neutopia spent years researching various technologies from around the world and has created an integrated ecoPARK business model composed of an extensive network of technologies. We design each ecoPARK based on the resources that are available in each area and by integrating these technologies we create something of an industrial symbiosis which enables us to manufacture a wider range of products at the same site which results in significantly greater revenue per given area of land.

It is our belief that every community should have an ecoPARK tailored to meet the needs of the community and local industries. At the very least it will be a site to generate clean energy and/or bio-based products from under-utilized local resources.
This would be done in a sustainable manner, ensuring long term employment and an attractive investment opportunity for the community as they will reap significant long-term rewards on the minor costs associated with recruiting Neutopia to the region.

Robert W. Laporte, CEO Neutopia

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