Neutopia Receives Invitation to be Interviewed for Television Feature Hosted by Donald Trump Jr.!

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Senior Producer from U.S. Surprises Canadian Entrepreneur with Special Invitation 

 The World’s First Social Benefit Energy & Infrastructure Company is About to Be Revealed to the World

Toronto, Ontario – February 4, 2014

 Pioneering a revolutionary business model being hailed as the Robin Hood of energy companies, Neutopia is bursting at the seams as branches start popping up around the world.

But unlike Robin Hood, Neutopia doesn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor; they help the rich get richer by selling technologies to make them more profitable and then uses their own profits to help those in need.

Neutopia’s Global Green Partnership Program is an innovative way that simplifies efficiency & energy projects for the non-building specialist and non-technical community leader.  Founded to streamline adoption of sustainable infrastructure and solve global problems by fighting the root causes of poverty, Neutopia’s solution is simple:  help the rich get richer by saving on electricity, fuel and water consumption, heal the environment, and help empower the poor.  Neutopia is a company that has integrated Profit-People-Planet to a whole new dimension while raising the bar on Corporate and Community Social Responsibility; a revolutionary business model that builds wealth while empowering lives.

Neutopia Global Ambassador Program

Armed with a proprietary LEAN Community and Green Building SOS Program, Ambassadors simply fill out a project template with their smart phones and email the results back to HQ. It’s so simple even a 12 year old child can do it.  It eliminates the need for costly engineering assessments and energy audits by harnessing various cloud based software programs and telecommunications incorporating the use of technology for virtual meetings, satellites and GIS Mapping tools enabling Neutopia to effectively identify, develop and manage a series of projects from a distance.  Once the Ambassadors identify a project opportunity based on GPS coordinates, local energy costs, government incentive programs and even local weather data, it sets an international team of experts into motion.

The network includes many of the world’s top technology companies whose workforce Neutopia taps into; already over 100,000 strong and growing every week as meetings take place in board rooms and class rooms around the world.   Neutopia’s portfolio is so vast there is not one town in the 80,000 km 2-year cross continental feasibility study that they say could not benefit from a Neutopia ecoPARK. And that’s just in North America where energy prices are among the lowest in the world.

From engineers to environmental scientists and a massive sales & service infrastructure specializing in green buildings, renewable energy, waste-to-resources & bio-based products, the network is growing exponentially. Neutopia has essentially united an international network of technology experts and project scouts to help uncover millions, if not billions of dollars in savings for communities and property owners.  Neutopia is the epitome on how to capitalize on the Internet of Things.

Neutopia was invited by the senior producer of a program hosted by Donald Trump Jr. for a television feature to air on Fox and Blooomberg. Still waiting for scheduling, the interview will reveal how a Neutopia Student Ambassador group in Africa can attempt to uncover savings for the Trump Tower in Toronto utilizing Neutopia’s proprietary Green Building Efficiency SOS program. If it works, and the business model is applied to the Trump empire whose global real estate assets total more than $7 billion, then the Trump family could potentially save millions of dollars per year and Neutopia may be on the verge of saving thousands of lives in Africa – not by asking the Trump family to give to charity, but rather by helping them get richer.

Neutopia’s Fortune 500 Challenge

All 500 of the Fortune 500 companies are being sent invitations to participate in the program which could help lower the operating costs of their thousands of buildings all over the world while boosting their Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.  Neutopia is primed with a blueprint to arm tens of thousands of Ambassadors on every continent with the tools we need to change our planet; reduce our carbon footprint and save energy…while inspiring global change, feeding the hungry, healing the sick and delivering hope to the hopeless.

 Robin Hood meets the Internet of Things meets the world’s most diverse portfolio of solutions to help our community’s, our economy and our planet. Indeed, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

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