Neutopia Reveals Plans for $450 Million Green Mining ecoPARK

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Neutopia Presentation to Mayor & Council Reveals Innovative Plans

Neutopia presented a 188 page report to the Mayor and Honourable members of Council on December 5, 2011 at a meeting of the Committee of the Whole. Robert Laporte and Chris Jepson traveled to Northern Ontario to present the eagerly anticipated document.

The report explains the efforts that were undertaken since December 2010, how Neutopia attracted Cliffs Natural Resources to the community, what transpired when Neutopia met with Cliffs representatives, as well as the Project Development Protocol that was initiated to begin planning the $450 million ecoPARK in Northern Ontario and the ecoCENTER network to support the Ring of Fire mining activities. We also presented a slideshow revealing substantial benefits to the residents and area aboriginal communities who could be benefiting from these opportunities if they are pursued, we are very hopeful we can stimulate interest.

Neutopia is now waiting to hear if Cliffs will be pursuing their plans in the region, and if so what opportunities the local communities may be interested in pursuing with Neutopia. All area Aboriginal community leaders were invited to meet with Robert Laporte during the community assessment phase and we had the opportunity to present our ideas to one of the local First Nation councils.

We are very hopeful we can generate interest in the opportunities we have presented, which we believe are the greatest economic and community development opportunities for the region in decades. In fact, we believe it is the greatest opportunity in Canadian history and this type of initiative could empower Aboriginal community’s with energy independence and a multitude of associated benefits.

The most shocking news we heard while in the region is that many leaders are still pushing for an extension of power lines through the landscape, when we are now living in an age of decentralized energy and community power…why would anyone want to buy electricity from another source when they could be making their own? This old-school thinking is a great tragedy across our country because it forces reliance on others and takes the power away from the community.

Since the Ring of Fire mining activities may be picking up steam in the near future, we strongly urge all community groups and community leaders to hear about Neutopia’s innovative solutions because they ensure revenues are re-invested in the communities and surrounding region.

Our fear is that if they don’t plan ahead they will lose these economic opportunities to other groups with other interests, because that is how our continent was developed and our new community leaders should be thinking outside of the box and assessing alternative solutions for the betterment of the communities they are representing.

Neutopia’s innovative business model represents a new era in Corporate Social Responsibility plans by merging industrial development with community and environmental initiatives.

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