Neutopia Launches Green Energy Investment Network™

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The Neutopia Green Energy Investment Network™

A key feature of Neutopia is that we already reached out to more than 300 investment firms, asset management firms, investment banks, venture capitalists and angel investors and created a portfolio or ‘green network’ composed of investors who are focused on each type of renewable energy project from residential solar to large utility scale power plants, and includes international project development expertise.

This enables Neutopia to offer a variety of financing strategies to each type of client or to develop partnerships with building owners and landowners. If you have a project and are seeking investors contact us today to learn about the benefits of the Neutopia Green Community Partnership Program™.

We specifically focused on entering into an MOU with a Strategic Partnership for our solar projects first, since they will usually be Phase I development for each of our ecoPARKS. Having an equity partner also facilitates the debt financing we need to invest in our own projects, and in our case it’s via one network.

Green Energy Investment Network Launch

The relationship also provides Neutopia’s investors the opportunity to offer an early buyout for larger projects which, with Project Solar Fox in Ontario and phase I of the project in Ecuador, could result in a substantial cash flow to Neutopia over the next 2 to 3 years, as these projects total more than $150 million in estimated CapEx.

The Swelling Green Pipeline of Neutopia’s Exclusive Project Proposal Portfolio

We spent much of 2011 focusing on the creation of Neutopia’s solar division and our first two large solar farm projects. This is in addition to Neutopia’s ecoPARK projects, our Community Green Plans, and our most recent marketing campaigns which will soon be launched for Aboriginal Communities, Green Buildings, Green Schools, and the Neutopia Church Empowerment Plan for which we are meeting with the Regional Director for 128 churches in Ontario alone.

“This Social Benefit business strategy represents a serious game-changer, as it has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry on a much larger scale… one green community at a time!”

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