Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc. Becomes Authorized Representative of Ontario Provincial Energy Conservation Program

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Toronto, Ontario – September 2013

Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc. (, the world’s first Social Benefit energy company, has become an official representative for Ontario’s energy conservation programs and energy savings initiatives.  Working closely with local utilities for both electricity and natural gas reduction efforts, Neutopia reps can now offer incentives including rebates for most equipment of up to 50% off.

Our reports on energy security for the new millennium are sure to attract communities around the world that do not have their own grant program but who could benefit from Neutopia’s Green Energy Investment Network.

Combined with our vast portfolio of technologies, our international network of technology advisors, our bulk energy purchase program, and Neutopia’s Green Energy Investment Network, which can add our consulting fees to the final purchase, we should be able to attract clients from a wide range of building types and industries.

“All Neutopia reps can now offer many of our energy savings technologies with rebates of up to 50%!! This should help streamline adoption of many common technologies such as energy efficient lighting and HVAC upgrades while opening up the door for ancillary sales and most importantly in becoming their green energy provider.”

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