Neutopia at Solar Canada: Annual National Conference and Exposition

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CanSIA 2013

Toronto, Ontario – December 2013

“Being invited to the solar show was a great experience for us, thanks to Jeff for the opportunity and to Kristin for wanting to participate and representing Neutopia behind the booth!”

Solar Canada is the premier solar show of the year and has more than 3000 delegates attending. While this year’s show didn’t seem to be as well attended as in previous years, the announcements made by the Minister of Energy during the show about the directives to the OPA were welcomed with open arms and excitement: the OPA Feed-in-tariff program will be accepting not one but two rounds of applications in 2014, including the re-opening of the large FIT under a new competitive procurement program. Many companies remain upset with the OPA’s management of the still immature FIT program, and some have even closed up shop and left the province. This leaves more opportunity for us; Neutopia has alliances with a vast network of partners and investors who are eager to invest in the upstream soft costs, applications and development process, so as long as we continue to find land owners interested in earning extra income we have no shortage of funding for solar projects.

What’s even more exciting? Many solar companies are now coming to Neutopia to help finance their projects!  If you are a solar developer and seeking a partnership please contact us today.

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