Technology Partnerships

Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Products and Services

Neutopia is a vast network of strategic alliances that have resulted in an industry-leading product portfolio as we spent considerable time evaluating renewable energy and energy efficiency products around the world.

We did not take any short-cuts in the creation of our comprehensive portfolio of green technologies which was a tremendous undertaking over our 2-year business development phase and establishing our manufacturing partners and supply chain. We now represent the leading technologies in each class of renewable energy and purchase directly from each manufacturer, which includes the core systems as well as each component that goes into a particular energy system driving down our development costs and results in even greater revenue for us to devote to helping communities around the world.

We have signed MOU’s and LOI’s with leading engineering firms and technology providers who have agreed to partner with us on projects and/or offer us preferred pricing as a project developer or even as a reseller/distributor. This enables Neutopia to maintain project lead and it ensures our revenues will be devoted to community enhancement projects.

Neutopia’s strategic alliances with leading technology providers & engineering teams for our projects include the following:

  • Liquid Biofuel: The North American industry-leading company (more than 100 facilities designed & developed)
  • Solid Biofuel: Wood/agri pellets, briquets, densified biomass
  • Solar PV (Photo-voltaic) and Solar Thermal: Direct relationships with manufacturers for wide selection of products; ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and specialized solar products
  • Wind Turbines: From small scale to utility scale, including small rooftop systems for commercial and institutional buildings
  • Geo-exchange: 2 Partner companies; the Industry pioneer in geothermal power projects and also with the Canadian leader in geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Hydrokinetic: In-stream and tidal hydro systems; no need for dams that disrupt natural habitats
  • Biomass Conversion: Pre-processing such as grinders, shredders, dryers, conveyers, metering bins, biomass boilers, thermal conversion systems, catalytic conversion technologies, pollution control, automatic baggers and more
  • Waste: Alliance with the industry pioneer and leader in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of conveyors and sorting equipment for MRF and waste processing. We have also established relationships for all major technologies including RDF & biomass boiler systems, pyrolysis, gasification, plasma, steam reformation, microwave etc.
  • Landfill Gas: Direct relationships for major components
  • Biogas/Syngas: Comprehensive biomass processing & conversion systems; gas clean-up (1000’s systems installed, on-farms, food processing, OFMW)
  • Waste Heat: Both proven and emerging technologies to convert rogue heat from industrial processes into clean energy
  • Fuel Cells: Multiple manufacturers for different regions, including fuel cell filling stations
  • Green Building Products: See dedicated page below for Neutopia’s Green Building Partnership Program™
  • Community ecoPARKS: see dedicated page below for the Neutopia ecoPARK Initiative
  • Engineering & Construction: Teams ready to develop projects in Canada & international locations