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Neutopia is Changing the Face of Community Development Projects

We are creating new opportunities where communities are traditionally unable to develop such projects on their own due to privatization of resources or inability to finance them. We come armed with technological know-how and project scouts ready to kick-start an entire community green plan to create new jobs and sustainable economic development.

The Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community Project Development Protocol

Each Neutopia rep has been trained on the proprietary Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community Project Development Protocol, which includes our proprietary 30-point Community Action Plan.

This is put to use when conducting a full community assessment and arms our project scouts with our user-friendly information forms and data sheets, which are linked to spreadsheets embedded with project specific algorithms and which have automatic report writing and graphing tools to help our evaluations for products while in the field.

This proprietary system also speeds up our project assessment timelines and enables multiple projects to be targeted simultaneously within a community. It also enables our team to quickly identify opportunities for equipment integration, a green building project, an agricultural partnership opportunity or an ideal location to establish a Neutopia Community ecoPARK project.


Neutopia Green Zone

Program Summary

Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc. is a Community Enhancement Company that is recruited by Municipalities to develop our Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community Plans™ to establish a local Green Economy focused on Renewable Energy, Landfill Diversion and Building Energy Efficiency technologies.

Essentially, communities should be regarded as living organisms; what comes in, what goes out, and how the different services and local industries can connect like organs in the body functioning harmoniously to benefit the whole.

Neutopia is pioneering an innovative Social Benefit business model that is set to revolutionize community planning policies.

We traveled over 80,000 km across North America over 2 years to understand the most common problems that communities face and created a new type of company that can offer the technological solutions while ensuring the revenues are maintained in the community.

Specifically for the province of Ontario, we estimate that for every month a community waits to join the program they are losing as much as $100,000 in a local green economy that is just waiting to be developed. We have yet to visit a community where this base case cannot be achieved.

We have formed a network of strategic alliances with a host of technology providers and engineering firms enabling Neutopia to present a complete suite of green technologies to help entire communities to ‘go green’ and to solve energy and waste problems while creating new synergistic business opportunities throughout the region with long-term sustainable employment.

We accomplish this by creating our unique Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community Plan™ based on the concepts of biological systems integration; a methodology similar to what Kaizen and Six Sigma™ have done for industries, although on a much larger scale to benefit entire communities. The business model has attracted the Monieson Centre of Queen’s University School of Business where Neutopia has been a guest lecturer on Social Innovation and Leadership in Business.

The first Neutopia Green Community Partnership Programs™ were launched in 2010 and attracted more than $165 million in development projects that will take up to three years to develop and create significant employment opportunities. The initiative also attracted million$ in smaller scale projects that have less than 4 month sales cycles, promising to make 2012 a breakthrough year for the innovative business concept.

The Neutopia Green Energy Investment Network™ was established to enable individual clients and entire municipalities to accelerate purchase decisions without having any negative impacts to existing operational budgets. In other words, our clients will be able to save short term cash while pursuing long term economic gain.

It is our belief that every community should have an ecoPARK tailored to meet the needs of the community and local industries. At the very least it will be a site to generate clean energy and/or bio-based products from under-utilized local resources. This would be done in a sustainable manner, ensuring long term employment and an attractive investment opportunity for the community as they will reap significant rewards on the minor costs associated with recruiting Neutopia to the region.

Robert W. Laporte, CEO Neutopia

The Neutopia Difference: the “It” Factor

There are many reasons for a community to recruit Neutopia. Firstly, they do not view us as a sales company pushing a waste to energy system or promoting any one particular technology like solar panels, wind turbines, biogas systems or simply offering basic consulting services.

Our initial contact is via a formal Neutopia Expression of Interest detailing our unique Neutopia Green Community initiative. This is then followed up with a private meeting with the town council which is usually held ‘in-camera’ for confidentiality reasons.

This is when the council is introduced to our innovative business model via a thought-provoking slideshow highlighting our expertise, the problems we have already identified across North America and our ideas for their own community. This slideshow is based on more than 80,000 km of travel across the continent and comprehensive research.

This highly confidential meeting is when Neutopia stands apart from the competition because this is when a Municipal Council realizes our “It Factor”; that we are not like any other company; we are not strictly a consulting company; we are not like an engineering company; we are not focused on selling any one particular product.

Neutopia is a solutions provider. It is during this meeting that the community leaders see us as innovative ‘community enhancement’ specialists because we educate them and we know how to optimize municipal operations by incorporating specific technologies to reduce waste, identify savings, increase revenue, or to create new economic development opportunities where none previously existed.

Most importantly, we are creating new business opportunities while providing solutions for problems that most communities don’t even realize they have.

Neutopia Swarm™ Project Development: Communities are like Living Organisms

Perhaps most importantly, we help communities function better by looking at each town from a biological perspective; every town can be regarded as a living system.

Individually the municipal departments have their own duties, much like the body’s organs each have their own functions, but from a holistic standpoint they are all integrated and there are a variety of ways to help each department work together for the ultimate benefit of the whole organism.

This is exactly what Lean Manufacturing and the Kaizen™ approach have done for our industries and it’s exactly what corporate Lean Six Sigma™ was designed for. Neutopia’s Swarm™ Project Development takes on an altogether new approach.

We have meticulously designed an enhanced process optimization system on a much larger scale, one that is based on biological systems integration; one that can serve to benefit entire towns by creating a “Lean Community”.

This innovative methodology has the potential to change the way we plan and manage our communities; it can change the way we live.

A Unique Multi-disciplinary Approach

Multi-disciplinary approachNot every client or community has the same problem, but they all have the same type of problem; primarily energy and waste management.

Neutopia has created a unique business model which includes an unprecedented network of technology providers and project scouts ready to initiate our projects.

When hired by an individual client or by a town, our multi-disciplinary team of experts is put to work. This team is composed of renewable energy experts, environmental scientists, engineers, biologists, green building specialists, grant writers, even government relations and Aboriginal advisors.

When Neutopia is recruited, our multi-disciplinary team of experts arrives. We first conduct a Community Assessment based on our 30-point Action Plan over a period of several months. We then present our Public Awareness Seminar, an awe-inspiring multimedia show, to attract interest throughout the community.

Uniting the Community

Uniting the communityOne of the key steps in our Neutopia Green Community Partnership Program™ is to hold our proprietary Green Community Public Awareness Seminar.

This is an awe-inspiring two-hour odyssey into the realm of renewable energy and success stories from around the world, complete with pictures, videos and exciting guest speakers. We introduce the reason why we were recruited to the Municipality, what we are planning, and how the community can get involved with their own green energy projects.

Neutopia sets the stage for a unified Green Community Effort!

How to Get Started with Neutopia

1. Is Your Community a Candidate?

Is your landfill closing? Do you have a waste problem? Do you have unused resources? Do you have an industrial park waiting for tenants?

Neutopia is ready to receive your Letter of Interest to join our network of communities that are eager to start ‘going green’. We know that many communities have already paid for studies and are already ready to start implementing projects, so whether we need to start from scratch or take over where a traditional consulting firm left off (usually a report with recommendations that is collecting dust on a shelf somewhere) we are ready to help.

We have yet to visit a community where we cannot develop a Neutopia ecoPARK and Community Green Plan.

Call us today to arrange for an introductory meeting to discuss your opportunities, we are now accepting Letters of Interest to prepare our 2012 and 2013 project schedule.

2. Do You Have a Project Idea?

If you are a land owner and want to recruit Neutopia to conduct a site evaluation we will be able to tell you if we think there’s a good project opportunity after asking you a few simple questions.

The process should take no more than a few minutes. If we believe there’s a project idea worth pursuing, and chances are that we will, then a Neutopia representative will meet with you to present an introductory slideshow to discuss our options.

3. Do You Want to Get Involved? Join our Team or Form a Branch in Your Community!

We are constantly recruiting and training new reps so please contact us today to discuss our requirements. We now have more than two dozen reps trained across Canada, the United States, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Vietnam.

When we launch publicly we have no doubt Neutopia will go viral, be one of the first in your community!

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