What is a Neutopia eco-PARK?

An eco-PARK is the ultimate Sustainable Community site that every community in the world needs. All intelligent governments, leading scientists, professors, and forward-thinking economic development groups realize this. It is a site that  integrates a variety of sustainable development and renewable energy technologies throughout the park in a manner that will optimize the energy supply, water, and waste management of the community while maximizing the greatest revenue possible per given land area.

A community eco-park with ERS system would also provide all electricity for the community, a street, or any one building. It’s the greatest solution for a sustainable planet. Neutopia ecoPARK

An eco-PARK can be dozens of hectares of land or just one. What’s even more exciting is that it can now all be combined into a small box and actually installed next to any building on any type of property (inside a hospital, a school, a seniors home, or along the wall outside beside a manufacturing plant or shopping mall).

For larger eco-PARKs, a community will be looking at long-term and permanent employment opportunities.  For a building owner, Neutopia offers something very attractive:  an ERS box that is custom-designed to cut the Total Electricity bill by 20% to 50%.  We’ve cut the electricity bill for one apartment by 40% without changing a light-bulb – see our ERS page for more info here:

Neutopia ERS Energy Box Case Studies & Current Projects

Neutopia has been traveling the world presenting lectures about the concept since 2008 and in our own province of Ontario the same mistakes are continuing to be made; over-priced energy, wasted grant money, wasted tax-payers dollars, and shocking mis-management of our electricity sector including what some may even consider criminal methods of property management companies responsible for thousands of Canadian government and community buildings, and private industry.

A Glimpse of the Procedure

When Neutopia is recruited to design an eco-PARK there will be dozens of wheels spinning; we’re an international network of technology manufacturers and engineering firms so the first phone call sets off a series of conference calls around the world to initiate the design, identify the early-stage building blocks, and start the project development process.  But to explain the process in a nutshell; Neutopia first identifies a particular problem in a community that can be solved with a particular technology (as simple as creating a lower cost electricity supply, energy storage, or as exciting as an organic waste recycling plant or conversion system). We then conduct a community-wide assessment to determine if there are multiple problems that could be solved by combining technologies at an eco-PARK to process a wider variety of feedstocks (e.g.: food processing wastes, forestry biomass, crop residues, animal manures etc.) as well as to optimize our investment dollars.

We then custom design a holistic plan to incorporate the necessary equipment & technologies to convert the various feedstocks into value-added products such as renewable biofuels, clean power, or lean/clean chemicals for use in a variety of bio-based products. This is then complemented with a massive investment in other clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, waste-to-energy, wood or biofuel pellets etc.


The Neutopia Green Energy Investment Network™ has unlimited funding to finance any of our projects worldwide and is eager to start building ecoPARKS and ERS Boxes of all sizes for residential projects, off-grid communities or businesses, farms and/or for large community energy and infrastructure projects. We have already been recruited to plan and develop some ecoPARK projects in Ontario and have 4 projects already approved by the Ontario government, with an additional 30 development sites already identified across North America.  Our corporate powerpoint presentation will amaze you with the historical effort we’ve accomplished and the hundreds of thousands of km traveled to preach the solution for our future and walking the walk while we talk the talk.

Neutopia eco-PARK’s Solve Community Problems.

What goes into the eco-PARK or into the ‘ERS Box’ depends on what the building needs and what feedstocks are available.  Electricity costs can be cut in half, but there is no ‘one technology for all’. Neutopia spent the past several years interviewing community leaders, farmers, business owners for a variety of manufacturing facilities, senior homes, apartments, high rise towers, shopping plazas, and even homes, to understand what the most common problems are for our communities regarding Sustainable Development and Cost Savings. There is no ‘one solution for all’ because each has different problems and different needs.

We then set out to create the world’s largest network of eco-solutions providers – but in a unique way; we traveled the world to meet with a multitude of technology manufacturers, equipment providers, climate change scientists, and leading engineering firms to determine which technologies are most appropriate for any given situation, feedstock, or building type, and how to predict what the minimum savings would be. This, along with a system to calculate the cost, increase in efficiency, return on investment, and open dialogue with Community leaders to fully understand the positive long-term impact this will have on the community, and the global impact.

We also have a variety of water conservation, organics, and waste conversion technologies, and we work directly with original equipment manufacturers. There are no ‘middle-men’ or distributors which is important to keep development costs down.

Communities and Business Owners are Suffering

Many property management companies are making a historical mistake by aligning with certain energy companies or technology providers and we’re seeing it across North America.  It’s a serious problem because these same companies are managing thousands of government buildings, senior homes, community centres, schools, hospitals and private buildings.  They have control of our spending, and we’ve uncovered that the costs can be cut in half but most of those companies will not integrate any solution unless it benefits them financially.  Who pays then? Who suffers?

That’s wrong with companies who align with sales reps who sell a particular widget; it might work to a certain degree but it’s not necessarily the best solution for each client, industry, or building type, or even location on the grid. We figured that’s a backwards approach to try to focus sales on any one or two particular products. A more intelligent way is to first find out what a community needs, or what a particular building needs, and then select the most appropriate technology or combination of technologies in order to maximize savings and profits.

Recruit us today for your private business, or for a Community ERS Plan or Community eco-PARK. The cost of our program is customized so you recover your investment in the first few weeks of implementing our solutions.

Neutopia ERS Community Program