Landfill Diversion Projects: Neutopia Focus 2012

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Materials Recycling Centre

Significant Business Opportunity

Chris Jepson and Robert Laporte toured a local landfill in November, 2011. We were amazed to see that the town is losing out on over $10 million in lost renewable energy revenue PER YEAR!!

We have also uncovered a significant business opportunity to develop a Neutopia ecoPARK directly at the landfill. This is not the first project of its kind that we have uncovered; the opportunities are tremendous right across North America.

Community Organic Waste & Resource Recovery ecoPARKS

The first opportunity like this was identified for a food processing company near Toronto. The plans for that project can be merged with the new site; raising the estimated $4 Million Neutopia ecoCENTER to more than three times the original size. The plans will include an MSW processing system in addition to converting the waste into green energy and/or other value-added products.

We need to show communities across the province what they could be doing, and the main problem has nothing to do with a lack of interest; they simply need to see what others are already doing and how the various technologies can be integrated into their own communities.

As stand-alone systems the technologies are not very economical, but by integrating various technologies at a Neutopia ecoPARK it creates a sustainable business opportunity and we are ready to recruit towns that are ready to stop wasting their resources.

There’s no shortage of waste-to-energy companies, however communities need to know that they could be receiving the benefits from converting their own waste into community development projects with Neutopia rather than watch their own resources turn into revenue that leaves their town!

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