Changing the World

Neutopia is ushering in a new era of Corporate and Social Responsibility by uniting environmental solutions with community enhancement projects.

We didn’t like the way of traditional business development, especially the way energy and infrastructure projects are financed and developed, so we created a new one:

In developing a project the regular business model is such that a developer has to issue an RFP process and evaluate various EPC offers, which can be very time consuming and costly. We have essentially created a new way of business development that not only simplifies the whole process via our Neutopia Green Project Development Protocol it results in significant benefits to the community. Our method has the potential to forever change the way energy and infrastructure projects are developed all over the world.

What Will be Your Legacy?

Neutopia is about to change the face of the industrial-community relationship. Partnering with Neutopia has many rewards; environmental, social and economical. Moreover, we can complement your Corporate Social Responsibility plans via a ground-breaking new type of business that  empowers each community that houses one of our ecoPARK projects. Contact us today to learn about our Green Community Partnership Program™.

Helping Communities Create a Sustainable Future: We can save lives. We can improve lives. We can give hope…

All of this simply by transforming community problems into social solutions!