Community Problems

Neutopia is Changing the Face of Community Development Projects

Do you have a Community Green Plan? Do you have buildings that require energy efficiency upgrades? Is your landfill closing? Do you have a waste problem? Do you have unused resources? Do you have an industrial park? Neutopia is ready to receive your Letter of Interest to join our network of communities that are eager to start ‘going green’.

Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc. is a Community Enhancement Company that is recruited by Municipalities to develop our Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community Plans™ to establish a local Green Economy focused on Renewable Energy, Landfill Diversion and Building Energy Efficiency technologies. Essentially, communities should be regarded as living organisms; what comes in, what goes out, and how the different services and local industries can connect like organs in the body functioning harmoniously to benefit the whole.

Neutopia is pioneering an innovative Social Benefit business model that is set to revolutionize community planning policies. We traveled over 80,000 km across North America over 2 years to understand the most common problems that communities face and created a new type of company that can offer the technological solutions while ensuring the revenues are maintained in the community.  Specifically for the province of Ontario, we estimate that for every month a community waits to join the program they are losing as much as $100,000 in a local green economy that is just waiting to be developed. We have yet to visit a community where a base case cannot be achieved.

We have formed a network of strategic alliances with technology providers and engineering firms enabling Neutopia to present a complete suite of green technologies to help entire communities to ‘go green’, solving energy and waste problems while creating synergistic business opportunities throughout the region with long-term sustainable employment. We accomplish this by creating our unique Neutopia ecoPARK & Green Community Plan™ based on the concepts of biological systems integration; a methodology similar to what Kaizen and Six Sigma™ have done for industries, and what LEED™ does for buildings, although on a much larger scale to benefit entire communities. The business model has attracted leading universities where Neutopia has been a guest lecturer on Social Innovation and Leadership in Business.

The first Neutopia Green Community Partnership Programs™ were launched in 2010 and attracted more than 1000 acres of prospective development sites.  With 12 projects already submitted to the Ontario Feed-in-Tariff program, and our Green Buildings Total Solutions Program attracting interest from around the world, our momentum is promising to make this a breakthrough year for the innovative business concept.

The Neutopia Green Energy Investment Network™ was established to enable individual clients and entire municipalities to accelerate purchase decisions without having any negative impacts to existing operational budgets. In other words, our clients will be able to save short term cash while pursuing long term economic gain. (We also cover application fees, security deposits, debt and equity financing etc. for Green Buildings and OPA FIT projects)

It is very easy to get started!