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Click Here: Neutopia $600 Million Retrofitting Canada Community Challenge Oct 2014

Canada’s Social Impact Community Efficiency Company Presents Blueprint to Cut the Canadian Carbon Footprint in the Fastest and Least Expensive Way Possible
-Blanket Approvals for government buildings and portfolios possible if registered before November 1, 2014Neutopia LEAN Community Plan Social Impact Investment Network


What is Neutopia?

The World’s largest Green Development and Social Impact Network of 100’s of world leading eco-solutions and Social Impact investors whose mandate is to lower the world’s carbon footprint in the fastest way possible. Their efficiency plans lower total energy costs, conserve water, embrace on-site recycling, minimize waste costs, establish cogeneration & renewable energy with smart-grids, the game-changing Social Impact business model identifies over-spending in communities and individual buildings, provides the technology to recover that lost revenue, and then re-invests 100% of their own profits into Global Empowerment.


Neutopia is recruited by towns to develop our Neutopia Community ecoPARKs and Community Green Plans to help the whole town ‘go green’.  We have established alliances with leading technology providers and have created a diverse portfolio of solutions for communities.

Our fully-integrated community eco-PARKs will produce electricity from renewable resources, biofuels, and chemicals for bio-based products from renewable resources, and will be complimented with a diverse portfolio of solar, wind, geo-x, and hydro technologies wherever possible.

We have also been approached for large-scale agricultural projects for purpose-grown crops for biomass cogeneration, as well as landfill diversion projects to convert organic waste into other useable forms of energy.  All of these projects have municipal support by way of formal MOU’s, land with grid capacity, and they will improve the environmental and economic health of our communities. Continue reading

Neutopia presented a Special First Nations Empowerment Plan to develop a Neutopia Green Community Partnership program with First Nations in January.

The first plan, which brings together a network of scientists, project developers, engineering firms, technology providers and equipment manufacturers, was issued to Attawapiskat First Nation. The Attawapiskat First Nation community has been all over the news due to poor living conditions that has attracted international attention including a report from the United Nations condemning the Canadian government’s inability to help this community. Continue reading

Materials Recycling Centre

Significant Business Opportunity

Chris Jepson and Robert Laporte toured a local landfill in November, 2011. We were amazed to see that the town is losing out on over $10 million in lost renewable energy revenue PER YEAR!!

We have also uncovered a significant business opportunity to develop a Neutopia ecoPARK directly at the landfill. This is not the first project of its kind that we have uncovered; the opportunities are tremendous right across North America.

Community Organic Waste & Resource Recovery ecoPARKS

The first opportunity like this was identified for a food processing company near Toronto. The plans for that project can be merged with the new site; raising the estimated $4 Million Neutopia ecoCENTER to more than three times the original size. The plans will include an MSW processing system in addition to converting the waste into green energy and/or other value-added products. Continue reading