About Neutopia

Welcome to the World’s First Social Benefit Community Enhancement Project Development Company

What is Neutopia?

Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc. is the world’s first Social Impact Project Development and Community Enhancement Company; 80% – 100% of our profits will be devoted to community empowerment projects. We are not a charity; charity groups raise money by asking for donations and then hiring a project developer, while Neutopia is a project developer that uses its own revenue to re-invest in the development of community projects and/or humanitarian aid initiatives at home and around the world!

Neutopia Makes Co-ops and Community Projects Better!

When it comes to community development projects, co-ops, non-profits and charities we present a unique partnership opportunity that guarantees the revenue from project development will be re-invested in your community rather than have the investment dollars leave…now that an altruistic development company exists why would anyone want to hire another development company or purchase technologies from any other source?

We acquire the equipment and then hire a local E&C firm to build the project, hiring them only for what they do best which is to design and build. We take care of the procurement and this not only lowers the cost of the development it also becomes a tax write-off because of Neutopia’s unique business model!

Revolutionary Business Model

This business model has attracted international interest and entire communities in Canada, including several institutions of higher learning such as the largest college in Canada, Humber, and the Monieson Centre of Queen’s University School of Business where Neutopia has been a guest speaker on the potentially revolutionary Social Impact business model. While we are a relatively new company, we are pursuing more than $100 million in Green Energy projects all over the world. $20 million have already been submitted to the Ontario Power Authority in Ontario, Canada, and some we have simply been invited to become co-owners of and are already in early stages, including large solar farms, biomass cogen, hydro, and Green Community projects.  Our Green Mining ecoPARK project included more than 50 advisors from our development network and identified $400 million in opportunities in Northern Ontario’s Ring of Fire, a project that has the potential to unite people with common goals and a stronger and more sustainable future.  We discussed the Ring of Fire impact opportunities with a variety of Aboriginal representatives and have information that can lead to tremendous opportunities throughout all of Northern Ontario, and prevent the mismanagement of projects from hungry developers closer to Toronto who don’t even live in the regions they will be impacting. We encourage full disclosure and welcome calls of interest. Our Aboriginal Empowerment Program, Church Empowerment Plans, Green Schools and Green Building Plans should stimulate a flood of interest.

We created an extensive network enabling us to offer every form of renewable energy and community efficiency technology that is commercially available. This was a major undertaking during Neutopia’s business development phase and included more than 80,000 km of travel over 2 years, 100’s of product evaluations, interviews with scientists, negotiations with executive management, site visits, tours of manufacturing facilities and complete due diligence reviews, creating alliances with manufacturers for every component that goes into renewable energy systems and process equipment for Green Community Efficiency Plans.

We launched our first major marketing campaign to high priority regions across Ontario in late 2010 as part of the business feasibility study. This was done without any corporate sponsorship or government grants or subsidies of any kind, hoping it will inspire other like-minded people who believe we need to become the change we want to see, and that we are capable of doing it today.

“Transforming Community Problems into Social Solutions isn’t just an idea; it’s our Responsibility!”